Sample Data from ShopRoller

Would you like to try out the ShopRoller Platform with some sample data? No worries! 
We have some sample files you can use while you are learning how to use the software.


1. Open the Shared Folder

We have shared a folder on Google Drive.
NB! You will need a Google account in order to use Google Drive. 

Here is the link for the Sample Data:


2. Download the Files

Based on what sample data you would like to use, download our sample files!

Download the spreadsheet in OpenDocument format
We recommend that you download individual the sample spreadsheet in OpenDocument format:

Download the Product Images
NB! You can download images individually, or download the entire folder as a ZIP file: 

NB! You might get a pop up asking whether to allow the download of multiple files: opt YES / ALLOW. 


3. Use the Sample Files!

Use the sample files to try out how to: 

  • Complete a CSV Product Import
  • Add/ Edit Products Manually



Is this free?
Yes! We want to offer sample files for you to play around with, just in case you do not have your own data to use yet. 

Can I use/ keep the files in my own Google Drive Account? 
Yes! You can continue to use this spreadsheet as a template for your own products.

Simply right-click the file and select MAKE A COPY to your own Google Drive account:

Then you can organise and edit your copied file as you like!