Create a Coupon

This article will guide you through the steps to create a coupon in ShopRoller. 

If you haven't already, check out our Introduction to Coupons article first, by clicking this link.


1. Open Coupons

In you ShopRoller administration, select DISCOUNT and open COUPON. 

Click on the + Lisa Uus (add new) button to create a new coupon.

2. Click Add New

Click on the blue + Add New button on the right hand side of the screen. 

This will open a coupon page for you to configure. 


3. Add General Data

You can change the code to meet your needs.

Name the coupon

The coupon code will be generated automatically.

Determine the validity period of the coupon!

PS! When you are setting the Kehtib kuni (valid until) date, then in order to make sure that the validity period includes 7 June, you should choose 8 June in the calendar!


4. Add Administrative Tags

This is an optional field, built-in so you can better organised your coupons. 


5. Add Conditions 

3. Remember to add Eeldused (requirements) and Soodustus (discount)! The coupon will not work without setting requirements!


5. Add Discounts

Add at least one requirement!

Determine which discount will take effect by meeting the requirement(s).


NB! Enable Coupons at Checkout 

Make sure that you have enabled the coupon field to be displayed, under settings. 

Open Seadistus (settings) in the manager tool and then select Seadistus (settings) again. 

Select Ostukorv (shopping cart) from the left-side column.

Luba kupongide kasutamist (allow coupons to be used) and select Jah (yes). 

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