Sync Products with ERPLY

To sync products with ERPLY, you will first need to link your ShopRoller account with your ERPLY account.

You can see how to do that by clicking this link for the help manual.



Here are some of our most frequently asked questions related to product syncs with ERPLY.

Q: Are products which are not warehouse-based, synced?
A: Yes. Whichever products you have selected for import (regardless of whether they are in a warehouse or not) will be synced with your ShopRoller account. 


Troubleshooting steps

Are you experiencing issues with your product data synchronization between ShopRoller and ERPLY? Read below.  

What to do

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  • My products are not importing from ERPLY into my ShopRoller account. What do I do?
  • I synced ERPLY and ShopRoller, but my stock levels are not importing. What do I do? 


Allow 4 hours to pass 

Product and product group imports from ERPLY take 4 hours to complete. 

Q. Has four hours passed since you started the synchronization?

If not, please allow 4 hours to pass then check again. 

If yes, continue reading.


Check the warehouse selection 

The warehouse in your ShopRoller account and within ERPLY should match correctly. 

Q. Is the correct warehouse selected?

The product data from ERPLY will be imported into the warehouse which is marked as the location of PRIMARY STOCK.

In your WAREHOUSE settings, confirm that the warehouse PÕHILADU (primary warehouse) is the location for primary stock. If two PÕHILADU'd have appeared, please use the LAST LISTED PÕHILADU (the one at the end).

How to do it:

Warehouse settings can be accessed by clicking SETTINGS, then opening  WAREHOUSES. 

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Enable display of products in ERPLY 

In your ERPLY account, products should be enabled to be displayed in your online shop.

Q. Is the settings in ERPLY enabled to import products?

On the product page in ERPLY, you must have the check box selected NÄITA E-POES / DISPLAY IN ONLINE SHOP

Have you checked the box? Did that help?

If yes, great! 

If not, please contact our client support for more help. 


Contact our Client Support Team

If none of these steps have helped you, please contact our Client Support team.




  • How does product image syncing work between ERPLY and ShopRoller? 
  • I have deleted product images from ERPLY, but they are still showing in my shop. What do I do?


Delete product images from ShopRoller 

At this stage, product images must be deleted from ShopRoller. 

If you have deleted product images from ERPLY, the sync will not remove product images from your ShopRoller account. You must do this step yourself. This is as it is for security purposes. 


Contact our Client Support Team

If none of these steps have helped you, please contact our Client Support team.


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