Sync Product Files with ERPLY

This article describes how to import product files from ERPLY to your ShopRoller account.

What are product files? They are the images, videos, documents, and more, which related to your product.

To sync products with ERPLY, you will first need to link your ShopRoller account with your ERPLY account.

You can see how to do that by clicking this link for the help manual.


1. Open ERPLY in ShopRoller 

In your administration, click ADD-ONs in the left menu, and open SALES ADD-ONs.

Find ERPLY and open the settings. 


2. Enable Product Imports

Go to the section PRODUCT IMPORT. 

Ensure that the checkbox for this section is ENABLED

Scroll down to IMPORT PRODUCT FILES and select YES


3. Save!

You're done. Please allow some time for the synchronization to take effect. 


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