Sync Sales Orders with ERPLY

To sync products with ERPLY, you will first need to link your ShopRoller account with your ERPLY account.

You can see how to do that by clicking this link for the help manual.


Troubleshooting steps

Are you experiencing issues with your product data synchronization between ShopRoller and ERPLY? Read below.  

What to do

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2. Follow the steps below the scenario to answer the situation 

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  • The scenario: Product Orders from ShopRoller are not being synced in ERPLY. What do I do?


Check your ERPLY data

In your ShopRoller account, open your ERPLY settings.

Do this by clicking ADDON on the left menu, then open SALES. 

There you can find and open ERPLY. 

Check that the DATA section is active and correct, namely your: client code, username, and password. 

You can TEST CONNECTION to see how it runs. 


Confirm access to the primary warehouse

Kontrolli, kas erply kasutajal (ShopRolleris sisestatud) on antud vajalikud õigused või ligipääsud (põhilaole ligipääs).


Contact our Client Support Team

If none of these steps have helped you, please contact our Client Support team.


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