Sync Prices with ERPLY

This article describes how to sync prices from ERPLY to your ShopRoller account.


To sync products with ERPLY, you will first need to link your ShopRoller account with your ERPLY account.

You can see how to do that by clicking this link for the help manual.


1. Open ERPLY in ShopRoller 

In your administration, click ADD-ONs in the left menu, and open SALES ADD-ONs.

Find ERPLY and open the settings. 


2. Go to the section: Import Pricelists

With your ERPLY account open, scroll down to IMPORT PRICELISTS.

Enable the import to occur by selecting ENABLE.

To import the pricelist immediately, click IMPORDI.  



How often does it sync automatically?
30 minutes. 


Troubleshooting steps

Are you experiencing issues with your synchronization between ShopRoller and ERPL?

What to do

1. Find the SCENARIO which best fits your enquiry

2. Follow the steps below the scenario to answer your question

TIP: you can use the keyboard control. "CTRL + F" to search for exact text. 



  • My price list from ERPLY is not importing/ syncing. What do I do?
  • I created discount pricing for certain Product Groups, but I can't see them in my shop. What do I do?   


Allow 4 hours to pass 

Product and product group imports from ERPLY can take up to 4 hours to complete. 

Q. Has four hours passed since you started the synchronization?

If not, please allow 4 hours to pass then check again. 

If yes, continue reading.


Confirm whether Product Groups are selected correctly

Did you want discount pricing to apply to sub-groups?
Price lists are not automatically applied to any sub-groups of a given product group. What to do:

  1. Go to the price list you created for your product group
  2. Confirm whether the price list is added on the sub-groups.
    1. If not, add them.
    2. If so, keep reading. 
  3. Save! 


Contact our Client Support Team

If none of these steps have helped you, please contact our Client Support team.

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