Be Showcased!

Did you know that your business can be showcased with ShopRoller? 

Who doesn’t like extra publicity?!

If you have awesome content to send us, we can share it with our followers on Social Media! 

Here is how you can grab your chance to be promoted on our channels - and maybe even on our website.

What do I need to do?

Send us an email with the details of what you would like to share with our fans!

Subject: "Showcase Me!" 

What to include in the email:

  • Your online store URL
  • A short description about what you would like promoted
  • Objective of the promotion 
  • Relevant Media (Images, Video). NB! ShopRoller may select content to use from your online store, too. 

Send it to us! If your content is selected to be showcased, you will be notified by email. 

That's it! 

Best of luck. We look forward to seeing all the exciting things you are doing with your online stores - and we can't wait to share them with our fans!


1. What can be showcased? 

The type of content would you could share with our followers, includes to:

  • Promote a particular Product or Service 
  • Highlight a Special Feature/ Function about your Online Store 
  • Share a story about your business or eCommerce journey 
  • Ask our followers for specific feedback

Please include a short description.  

2.  What do you mean by "objective"?

By objective, we mean to learn more specifically about what are you hoping to achieve. 

This could be for example, to: 

  • Gain more overall visitors to your online store
  • Sell a particular product or service
  • Introduce yourselves to the audience / share a story
  • Gain feedback 

3. Media Specifications

Media will be used for the social media posts - most typically, images. 

Images Specifications

800 x 800 pixels 

Video Specifications:

1080px video

30 FPS frame rate

File size Limit: 15mb

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