Accept payments with Maksekeskus

Maksekeskus is a payment gateway to collect payments from the Baltics and Finland. With Maksekeskus, you will be able to offer bank link payments as well as accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards.

In brief, in order to enable Maksekeskus as a payment provider, you will need to:

  1. Complete the Maksekeskus membership application
  2. Configure your online store
  3. Configure Maksekeskus

This help article will guide you to enable your customers to complete purchases using Maksekeskus! 


1. Complete your Maksekeskus membership application

To offer payments with Maksekeskus, you will first need to have an account with them. 

You can find their website here: 


You will have to visit their website to submit your application.

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To start the process, submit a membership application to Maksekeskus. Once it has been received, Maksekeskus will contact you to complete the application. 


2. Configure your online store 

In order to configure your store to accept payments with Maksekeskus, you will need to copy data between both your ShopRoller account and your Maksekeskus account. 

2.1 Open the Maksekeskus Add-on in ShopRoller

In your administration view, click on ADDON, and open PAYMENT METHODS. 
This will open the following window, where you will see the payment methods available for your store:

Go ahead and click on the SET button for Maksekeskus.

2.2 Enter your Maksekeskus Data

Once you have the Maksekeskus Settings page open, you will be able to configure your Maksekeskus account with ShopRoller:

Add basic information about your Maksekeskus 

  • Payment method enabled: Check this box to activate Maksekeskus as a payment method
  • Add the title: Typically the provider's name is added here, for quick recognition
  • Description: Feel free to add more information about the payment method in this field
  • Serial number on the list: You can set the order of payment methods by inputting the sequence number here 
  • Payment method applies to all client groups: Check this box if this payment method should be available to all of your shoppers. If you would like to make Maksekeskus only available to select customer groups, un-select this box and check the particular customer groups it applies to. 

Add service provider information
The following information will come from your Maksekeskus account: 

  • Shop ID: your "Shop ID" in Maksekeskus
  • Secret Key: your "Secret key" in Maksekeskus 

Open your account - which can be accessed via
Once you have logged in, find the data listed above in your API Settings: 

Copy the Shop ID and Secret key and add them to the respective fields of your ShopRoller account. 

Select your Payment Methods
Since Maksekesus offers a variety of payment methods for your customers, select the types of payments you wish to enable, by checking the boxes in your ShopRoller account.



3. Configure Maksekeskus 

The last step is to copy information from your ShopRoller account to your Maksekeskus account. 

3.1 Copy data from ShopRoller

From your ShopRoller account, copy the URL found at the bottom of the ACTIVATION GUIDE: 

This URL is needed to direct your customers correctly when making payments and sync status updates. 

3.2 Make changes in Maksekeskus

Go back to the API Settings Page of your Maksekeskus account.
Add the URL you just copied from your ShopRoller account into the following fields in Maksekeskus: 

  • Return URL
  • Cancel URL 
  • Notification URL 



Congratulations! You can now accept payments with Maksekeskus.




Here are some frequently asked questions about this topic! 

Does Maksekeskus have sample data I can use to try?
Yes. Find more information here:
Currently only available in Estonian - however, you can always TRANSLATE PAGE using the right-click menu.

Why won't my order status' won't change automatically?
If the order status is still not updating automatically, start by checking the settings in Maksekeskus. Confirm that the NOTIFICATION, CANCEL, and RETURN URL's are added correctly, as this may be what's causing the issue. The URL which  need to be added to each field will look something like this: 

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