Add Google Analytics

This help article will show you how to add Google Analytics to your ShopRoller eStore.

Analytics can be added by either the Startup Wizard or by your Account Settings. This article will go through each method! You can also watch the tutorial video on our YouTube channel:


1. Open your Google Analytics Account

You will need to have an account with Google Analytics. You can do that, here:   

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account. 
  2. Open "Admin" and select the "account" and "property" you wish to track
  3. Open "tracking info" > "tracking code" to find your "Tracking ID" and "Global Site Tag" code.

NB! Check out Google's handy guide, here:


2. Open your ShopRoller account

You can add the Google Analytics codes into your ShopRoller account in a few different ways: 

  • via the Startup Wizard
  • via your Administration settings
    • via the Advanced Form
    • via the Basic Form

We will cover each of these methods! 


Option 1: Add Google Analytics using the Startup Wizard

From the startup wizard, scroll down to the "Google Analytics" field and expand (click) to view: 

1. From Google Analytics: Copy the Global Site Tag (Gtag.js) Code.

2. Go back to your ShopRoller Account, and paste the code into the Google Analytics field:

3. Save! And you're done :)

NB! If you have used the Start Up Wizard to add Google Analytics before, you have used the "advanced form" method in the Admin Settings. 


Option 2: Add Google Analytics using the Admin Settings

In the left-column menu, select "Addon", and open the "Analytics" page: 

1. Find the Google Analytics Addon

2. Select "Set". 

From this point, there are two alternative methods to add Google Analytics: the "Basic Form" or the "Advanced Form". 


via Advanced Form

NB! If you have used the Start Up Wizard to add Google Analytics before, you have used the "advanced form" method. 

  1. Open Advance Form 
    In the Google Analytics settings of your ShopRoller account, open the Advanced form by clicking "Advanced Form":

    2. Copy and paste Gtag.js code into the "Advanced Form"
As shown in steps above, go to your Google Analytics account and copy your "Global Site Tag (Gtag.js)" code: 

3. Select "Active"

4. Save! Done :) 


via Basic Form

  1. Open "Basic Form"
    In the Google Analytics settings of your ShopRoller account, the basic form should automatically open.
    NB! Switch back from the Advanced Form by clicking "Basic form"
  2. Copy and paste Tracking ID 
    The Google Analytics Tracking ID (the "UA-XXXXX-X" number) is found in your Google Analytics account, on the same page as the Global Site Tag code.
    Copy this number and paste it into the field in your ShopRoller Account.
  3. Add Domain Name
    The "Domain name" refers to the URL Google is tracking (ie, your online store domain URL). Copy/ type your URL into this field. 
  4. Select "Active
  5. Save! Done :)



How should I add Google Analytics to my store?
The easiest way to add Google Analytics would be to add the Global Site Tag code (from your Google Analytics account) into the field found in the Startup Wizard (in your ShopRoller account). 

Do I need to fill out the basic form AND the advanced form?
No, you can select your preferred method. 

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