Launch a Product Discount Campaign

How to add a discount campaign to your ShopRoller eStore!

A discount campaign is a great way to get more customers pushing products to their shopping cart. It basically means to set a lower price for the products, categories, brands, and/or customers that you want, for a limited amount of time.

Watch how to launch a discount campaign on our  YouTube channel, or read more below :)


1. Open "Campaigns" in your ShopRoller Account

Log into your ShopRoller Account > select "Discount" > select "Campaigns". 


2. Add a New Campaign

Click the button on the top right hand corner to add a new campaign.        


3. Add Basic Info

Start filling out the page :)

  • Name: Add the Campaign Name (eg. "Daily Deals")
  • Active: Select "Aktiivne" to activate (enable) the campaign 
  • Time frame: Select the campaign period (time frame) - when do you want this discount to apply? 


4. Add the Audience

This section refers to WHO the discount applies to - who can see it. NB! Audience must be selected.

  • Add Customer: Discount is applied to specific registered user(s)
  • Add Customer Group: Discount is applied to specific group(s) of customers (registered users)
  • Select Inventory Location: Discount is applied for both registered and guest users who view the selected Inventory


5. Add Products

You can add both simple and matrix products to your discount campaign. 

Select the products you would like to add to your campaign:

You can either browse the product or use the Product Search Filter to reveal particular products:


How to add Campaigns to Matrix Products 

Matrix Products are those with variations such as colour and size (eg. 1 red large shirt, 2 blue small shirts).

When selecting products with variations to add for your Discount Campaign, you need to select the individual combinations - not the matrix product itself. What's the difference? 

Matrix product: The core product, which offers multiple combinations/ variations (eg. Nike T-Shirt).
Combination product: The actual product, which is a specific, individual, unique combination of the matrix product (eg. Blue Nike T-Shirt, Red Nike T-Shirt). 

In terms of matrix products, the discount campaign will only be applied to combination products.

Add combination products to your discount campaign either searching by name or product code.
Combination codes are generated by matrix product codes. For example if matrix is 12345, then default variants are 12345-1, 12345-2 etc. So by searching 12345, you will reveal both matrix and combination products.



What is the difference between "Discount Campaigns" and "Discount Pricing Rules"?

Discount Pricing Rules
Found: "Catalog > Product card > Discount without VAT"
Discount Campaign
Found: "Discount > Campaigns > Add new"
  • Applies to all customers (Global)
  • Indefinite amount of time (Manual)
  • Applies to a specific audience of your choice (Custom)
  • Definite amount of time (Automatic)

What happens if I add both a Discount Campaign and Discount Pricing Rules?
If you were to add a discount campaign targeted towards a particular customer group, and then add discount pricing in product cards, then you have a situation where everybody gets discounts on some products (added by the product card), but only customers in particular customer group would receive the discounts as added in the Discount Campaign. 

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