Enable/ Disable Coupon Codes

Want to enable customers to use coupons in your online shop? Ensure this option is enabled for them. 

To use coupons, what you'll need to do:

  1. Create and configure a coupon 
  2. Enable Coupon Codes at the checkout (this step) 
  3. Share your coupon  

This article goes through the steps to enable coupons in the shopping cart. 


1. Open Settings 

Open Seadistus (settings) in the manager tool and then select Seadistus (settings) again.


2. Open Shopping Cart Settings 

Click Ostukorv (shopping cart) from the left-side column.


3. Enable Coupons 

Luba kupongide kasutamist (allow coupons to be used) and select Jah (yes).


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