Sell Gift Cards

Gift cards are still one of the most popular gifts. With ShopRoller, you can sell a gift card like any other product, or issue them to customers for free as a reward or incentive! NB. Giftcards are currently "virtual" only.

In brief, in order to create gift cards you will have to:

  1. Create a new product
  2. Create a coupon
  3. Send it to your customer

This help article will take you through these steps!


1. Create a New Product

Start by creating a new product named Gift Voucher €25 (or €50 or €100). 

Remember to:

  • add a code to the product
  • Specify that the product is NOT a stock item (Lao   toode   > Ei), and
  • Specific that it does NOT require transport (Transport > Ei ole   vaja  )!


2. Create a coupon

When a customer has purchased a Gift Voucher, create a discount coupon for that client. This requires that you open the manager tool, select Soodustused (discount) and click on Kupongid (coupons).

On the new page, assign a name (Nimi) and a code (Kood) to the coupon (is also possible to generate the code automatically). Add requirements and discounts (Eeldused, Soodustused). Make the coupon tax-free!

NB! We recommend that you add the following requirement (Eeldused > Lisa eeldus) :tellimuse summa on suurem või täpselt (the value of the order is bigger on the same as) . Enter the value of the gift voucher without VAT. In this case the sum would be €20.8333


3. Send it to your Customer

Send the code of the coupon you created to the client who purchased the Gift Voucher!

If multiple clients buy €25 Gift Vouchers during one day, for example, you can also use the option to copy that one coupon X times (Kopeeri X korda). That means you can copy the same coupon as many times as you like. X is equal to the number of coupons. PS! Make sure that every coupon has a separate code. (All copied coupons are automatically assigned a unique code). 



Here are some frequently asked questions about this topic!

Q: Can I send a physical card to my customers?
A: Not at the moment - but the gift card can be sent via email to your customer.  


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