Product Units of Measure

Translating Units of Measure

Do you want to show units of measure (like "Kilogram") in a different language, like this Russian storefront?

You can do that with ShopRoller. Here's how. 


1. Open your Volume Units Settings 

In your ShopRoller admin, go to SETTINGS. 
The area for modifying unit of measurement text is found under SETTINGS > VOLUME UNITS: 

 When opening VOLUME UNITS, you will find the texts as currently available: 

By clicking the Volume Unit, you may edit the text:


2. Select what language you would like to manage 

To translate text, select the storefront you wish to manage by clicking the domain flag drop down:

Then it will display the texts for the selected storefront. 


3. Translate the text 

When text is NOT translated, the rows will appear slightly faded: 

Click on the particular Volume Unit to edit, and replace the text with what you wish: 


4. Save!

Now you have translated "KG" in your storefront to show "кг" instead. 

Before (Estonian storefront):

After (Russian storefront):

You can do this for each type of volume unit. 



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