Add Logo and Favicon to your shop

Make your webshop more personal and add your company or shop logo a to your shop. Add a favicon so that your e-shop can be found faster among the browser tabs. A favicon is a web page icon that is displayed in the corner of your browser tab. 

See instructions below on how to add them to your webshop-

1. Open Settings in the Admin

  • Open Settings in the admin, under that select Settings again. 
  • Select Website from the left column.

2. Add a logo and favicon to your e-shop

  • Click on the Search button under the Logo, select from the file manager, choose the file by double-clicking on it.
  • To add a Favicon, click the Search button  below the favicon.
  • Save changes!

3.  Give your e-shop a name

  • Open Settings in the admin and choose Settings again from the menu. 
  • Write the name of your e-shop in the first box. Save!
  • The name of the website is added to the orders sent to the customer and if you are not using a logo for your shop, this will also be displayed instead of the logo, in the shop view. 


1. Where does the added e-shop logo appear?

  • Generally, the webshop logo added through the settings will appear on the left side of  your chosen design, but in some cases also in the center

2. What file format should the e-shop logo be in?

  • The e-shop logo could be in png, jpg or jpeg format

3. Why does the e-shop logo show as broken?

  • Check that the format of the attached logo file is not pdf. 
  • Check that you haven't changed the location of the logo file in the file manager. If you have done that, then remove the broken logo file and add the e-shop logo again. 

4. What size should the favicon be?

  • The icon size is 16 x 16 (px). 

5. What format should my favicon be in? 

  • Favicon's can be saved in a variety of formats, although the most popular is: .icoOther potential formats include: .jpg, .png, and .gif.

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