Publish your Shop

When your store has been set up and you feel like you are ready to Publish and activate your shop, so the customers can find you and you can start selling, follow these instructions below on how you can Publish your shop. 

PS! Before you go public, you can also use the preview link to check and see what the customers see or send the link to your friends or colleagues, so they can give you some feedback!

1. Publish your Shop

  • You can publish or activate your shop from the upper black admin bar.  To do that, Click on the option "Public!"

2. Use preview link to check your shop

  • Before you Publish your shop, you can also have a look at the preview of your shop or send it to your friends to see, before you publish. 
  • To do that choose "Share preview link" from the dropdown menu. 

3. Copy the preview link

  • Use the preview link to view the shop as a customer. Copy the link and view it in the browser's private window.
  • Resetting the preview link will generate a new link and cancel the current one. People will no longer be able to access your store with the current preview link.


1. If I have redirected the domain, does it mean that the e-shop is immediately public?

  • No, the e-shop will not go public immediately after that. Domain forwarding simply links your ShopRoller webshop to a given domain. You can decide yourself when to make the e-shop public.

2. Do I need to make the e-shop public in order to send the e-shop link to the bank or Maksekeskus?

  • No need, you can send the webshop preview link to the bank or payment center for verification.

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