How to change company details and contact information in the footer

If your Company' s or Shop' s information has changed, check that the correct data is also displayed in the webshop and change it if necessary. In order to change the contact information in the footer, it is necessary to change the data in two places. Follow the instructions below, to check or update your data: 

1. Go to your Account information page

  • In the manager, open Settings > My account 
  • Check or change Company info and Address. This data is also displayed in the footer of your shop. 
  • If necessary, also change your bank details. This information will also be automatically added to the order confirmation.

2. Check and change the General data of your webshop. 

  • If necessary change the data also under the Settings. To check this, go to admin and open: Settings > Settings > General in the manager. Change the data there as well and Save!

🔴NB! It may take a few minutes for the changes to take effect in the footer!


1. I changed the phone number and e-mail under My account, but the old information is still sent with the order?

  • When changing or updating your shop's information, it is necessary to change data in two places. Check if you also updated the data in Settings > Settings > GeneralCreating an e-store - changing the contact details of the online store in the shoproller environment

2. I changed the information in the footer, but I still see the old contact information. 

  • The changes displayed may take some time, as there is still be previous information in the cache. You can clear the browser cache or check the website with Incognito mode. 

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