Check if your company details and information is correct

1. Open My Account under Settings

  • Go to Settings in the admin and select My Account

2. Check or change your company details

  • Check or change the existing data in the Company info and Address  section
  • These will also be displayed in the footer of the shop view (Company name, e-mail, address and phone number)

3. Add your company bank details

  • In the Bank section add your bank and account information
  • This will also be added to the order confirmations your clients receive once they have made a purchase

3. Check or Change other details of the shop

  • Go to Settings > Settings > Website
  • Add or change the logo or the favicon in the shop
  • Check the main SEO (for search engines), if the meta description also needs an update. This also shows up in Google search.

4. Check the General information in the Setting

  • To check and update the information go to Settings > Settings > General
  • Update or check the shop's name
  • Edit Phone number and e-mail address, if necessary. 


1. Where is Company-related data displayed?

  • The company's address, telephone and e-mail are displayed in the footer of the e-shop
  • Company-related data (and bank information) will also be added to the Order confirmation. 

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