Adding shipping methods and delivery for the shop

Add shipping methods to your shop, so customers can choose the delivery method for their purchases. Follow the instructions below on how to add Shipping: 

1.Open the settings for transport

  • In the admin open Settings and under that select Transport.

2.  Add a region or regions for the delivery. 

  • You can see 2 preset regions: Estonia and Global
  • If you need a different region, create a new "delivery region" , by clicking Add region and from the dropdown menu choose your preference. Select Custom, if you wish to choose the region yourself. Other regions are preset collections. 

  •  On the Custom region page: Add a name to the region in the first field👇
  • Then below select a country or countries for the region, by clicking +Add New 👇

  • The new region will appear in the list of regions 👇

3. Choose and create the shipping method

  • Once the region is created, add the "Shipping to the"
  • Click on +Add shipping and select you shipping of choice from the dropdown menu.

🟠 Did not find a suitable delivery method in the drop-down menu? Select "Tarnemaatriks (Delivery matrix)"  With the delivery matrix you can create a delivery method that suits you, for example "DHL, FedEx" or "I'll pick it up myself"

  • If you chose a shipping method from our preset selection, f.ex  Omniva parcel station, then on the settings page add additional info to that shipping option
  • Update the name if necessary
  • Select region where the transport is allowed to. Click "Add new" and choose the previously set region! Set the price of the delivery method and price rules. Prices can be set by Order range and/or Weight range . 
  • Manage other settings if necessary: add a logo and description for the transport. Save!

4. Free transport from specific amount

  • It is also possible to specify from X amount the transport is free
  • Below you can see an example for Free delivery from 50€ and above
  • The prices entered within the fields are without VAT!


1. How would it be possible to change the display order of the transport option?

  • Open the transport settings in admin:  Settings > Transport. Select the delivery method and open it, and then add the number in the Order number field, in which order you would like to see it as. 

2. I added a new delivery method, but it won't save and gives an error message?

  • Check that in the price fields, the cents are not separated by a comma, but by a period.

3. I created a new Delivery method, but it is not visible in the delivery method selection when ordering?

  • Check that when ordering, you have selected the country that the shipping method applies to.

4. How many different delivery methods can I add to the e-shop?

  • There are no restrictions on creating delivery methods. You can make as many delivery methods as you want.

5. How to add transport weight to the product?

  • The weight of the product must be added to the product in the respective fields on the product card. 
  • If no weight has been added to the product, it will be accounted as 0kg. 

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