Create and send newsletters with Smaily

Smaily is a simple tool for sending beautiful e-newsletters to help increase the quality and effectiveness of your company's marketing, reducing preparation time and resources. See the instructions below on how to integrate your webshop with Smaily newsletter. 

1. Create an account with Smaily

  • In order to link ShopRoller with the Smaily newsletter, first create a n account with Smaily newsletter. You can do it here:

2. Open Smaily settings in your webshop's admin

  • To do this, in the open Addon and under it, select Misc 
  • Click on Smaily

3. Set up Smaily

  • To connect the e-with with Smaily, make the necessary settings in ShopRoller as well.
    Add your subdomain. You can find the name of the Smaily subdomain in your Smaily account. You should enter the text marked in yellow in the images. For the given example, we have entered and example subdomain format: 
  • You can find it in the address bar in your Smaily account, but also under the settings. 

    In the address bar

    Set up the Smaily newsletter

    in Settings
    Set up the Smaily newsletter - making an e-shop in shoproller

    Add your default autoresponder. If you have any questions about creating and setting up your autoresponder in the newsletter settings, please contact Smaily. 
    To add a product feed to an e-mail template, enter the Feed url in to your Smaily settings.
  • Select the product group(s) in ShopRoller which products you want to use in the Smaily newsletter through the feed. 

         Feed input box in Smaily settings

Set up the Smaily newsletter - rss feed

  • Activate Smaily and don't forget to Save :)

🟠PS! The cache should be deleted if you have changed the product options in the product group or if you have changed the Allowed product groups! 

4. Check that the correct newsletter is also selected in Settings

In the admin select Settings > Settings > Newsletter in the admin to make the final settings to fully activate the Smaily newsletter.

  • Check that you have set  Smaily as the new newsletter option
  • If you choose E-mail, then only a notification about customer subscribing to the newsletter will be sent to the merchant only by e-mail. The e-mail will not be sent to the newsletter account!
  • Select your choices on sending out the newletter and where your client has the option to subscribe!

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