How to add products to your shop

How to create new products?

1. Open the Catalog in your admin menu

  • To create a new product, go to the admin, select Catalog and then Products
  • Click +New product on the top right side

2. This opens up your product card 

  • Fill in the product data: add price, stock level, product group, brand and other necessary information and click Save. 
  • Fields marked with a red star are mandatory
  • If the product name and code are saved, you can proceed with adding product information such as Media, Description, etc

3. Add description

  • After saving the primary information of the product card, go to the next tab above to add Description to your product
  • You can add a short description and also a longer description
  • Short description can be visible in the category view, but long description will be displayed on the product page.

4. Add an image to your product

  • Go to the next tab above and choose Media
  • Click Add images to add images/photos to your product
  • This opens the File Manager, where you can choose your image by doubleclicking on it or if the file is in your computer, you need to upload it first to the File Manager.

File Manager

5. Add other Media

  • You can also add a video to the product, for that you can use either a Youtube or Vimeo link, that should be add to the assigned field. Avoid using shortened URL's!
  • You can also add a file document to the product. These maybe instructions or some additional information about the product. 

    FAQ' s

1. For some reason, some products cannot be added to the shopping cart in the e-shop?

  • Check whether the products that cannot be added to the cart in the webshop have available inventory or have the stock level 0. If so, there is probably the problem in the settings. Make sure the products with unavailable stock level are available for purchase. You can find these settings in Settings > Settings > Shopping cart

2. I have added new products in the admin, but I can't see them in the webshop, nor do they come up using the search engine in the shop. 

  • If the change made in the manager does not take effect immediately, it means that the page has been pre-saved, and the change will take effect in up to 15 minutes. 

3. I want to make a product where the customer can choose different from variants: size, color, etc.

  • In this case, a Matrix product should be created in the webshop instead of a Simple product. When creating a new product, you should choose Matrix product: 

4. Why are the images in my webshop displayed broken?

  • Once you have added the image(s) to the product, you should not change the location of the file in the folders or change the name of the file. If you do that the images will not be displayed anymore or will be displayed broken, because the system can't find the location of the file according to the original pathway. 

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