Change the background of your webshop

Make your webshop design more unique and customize the background image of your chosen design. Choose a wallpaper from an already existing collection or upload your own personal wallpaper. Follow the instructions below to add a background image to your webshop.

1. Open the e-shop view and select Design

  • Log in to your shop
  • Select Customize from the top black bar.

  • The design tool can also be activated in the admin Settings > Design
  • You will see the preview of your design. Under the preview image, click on the Customize button.

2. Select Background from the design tool

  • From the customizing menu, select Background (Taust) and select the design background pattern or color from the collection. 
  • If you choose a color, you can also add patterns to your chosen color.
  • You can also use your own image as background, by clicking on the upload link (Laadi enda pilt)


1. When I go to the shop view, the entire page is displayed completely white. 

  • Check that the default language is not inactive!

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