Modern and mobile-friendly webshop

Modern web design of your webshop increases purchases, customer visits and user comfort.

These days more and more users are looking for information about products and services on the go, so it is worth giving your clients the opportunity to conveniently access information in the shop at any time using a smart device. User expectations for shopping experience are getting higher by day and competition is getting tougher, so those who keep up with the times will win.

The user experience of modern web solutions must be high quality in all devices: computers, tablets and smartphones. The latter can be achieved through the close cooperation of designers and user experience specialists, who will implement your ideas.

A good webshop design is modern and follows the latest design trends.

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to make your website more mobile-friendly.

Responsive website

  • The first and easiest option is to have a responsive website made for you, which recognizes the screen size on which device the user is viewing the website and adjusts the content layout accordingly. A Responsive website or webshop displays mostly the same content to both, smartdevices and desktop users.

The main goal is to adapt the texts, images and functionalities visually to something that is easy and convenient to follow on a small screen. For example, such a website takes care that the text is readable on the screen, the lines are not too long and the menu bar does not run out of the right edge of the screen. The advantage of the solution is its ability to support a larger number of screens of different sizes (than mobile web) and a slightly cheaper price compared to mobile web development. The downside is that older smart devices probably load the page more slowly.

Mobile web(site)

  • Another option is to make a separate mobile website, which is designed from the beginning as a separate mobile view with well-thought-out functionalities and use of space. The biggest advantage of a website specially developed for smart devices is that it is completely separate from the full version and allows you to adapt the entire content of the website only for smart devices. In this way, page loading speed can be significantly improved, bearing in mind that smart devices have lower performance than computers and mobile internet is sometimes relatively slow.

Is “Responsive Web Design” the same as “Mobile Web”?

No, it's not the same thing. The mobile web is a website with a special solution in reduced size and graphics, adapted specifically to small mobile screens. In the case of the mobile web, only the most important information, which is necessary for the user while on the move, is displayed. Responsive Web Design, on the other hand, adjusts the entire page according to the screen size, keeping all the information on the page.

Pros of the mobile web:

  • Faster: The mobile web takes into account the characteristics of the mobile, which is why the content loads much faster than in the case of a "Responsive" page.
  • Short specific content: The user gets the most important information quickly

If you compare a mobile-friendly website to a regular website, then according to Google Analytics statistics, the first one is about eight times faster when visited on a smartphone. This means that on the regular site the customer waits about eight times longer to open each page on their mobile phone. Less time is spent on slow homepages and they often don't get beyond the front page. 

For example, more and more company data is being searched for on mobile phones. At a minimum, it should be ensured that the company information and opening hours are readable on the phone without any obstacles.


As of April 21, 2015, the Google search engine introduced a change in the algorithm, with which mobile-friendly homepages are preferred in the search results.

The search algorithm prefers such homepages that change the size according to the screen of the device. Meaning, the "normal or regular" websites remain lower in the search.

It is believed that this change will primarily affect small businesses that have not invested in mobile-friendliness of their website.

Check if your website is Mobile friendly with Google Mobile-Friendly testing tool:

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