How to add Brands

Add brands that are sold in your webshop, so that the customer can also find products or filter the products by specific brand. To add brands, follow the instructions below

1. Open Catalog and select Brands

  • Open the Catalog in the admin and select Brand under it 
  • On the next page, click  +New brand at the top right corner

2. Add brand details

  • Add the name of the Brand and the logo for it. To add a logo, click on the camera icon.
  • A description for the Brand can be added in the corresponding box below.
  • You can add meta description and keywords for SEO (search engine) in the SEO section

3. Connect the brand and the product

The Brand can be added to the products one at a time, on the product card or to several products at once.

Add the brand on a specific product card

  • Open the product card to which you want to add a Brand. In the Brand section choose a suitable brand from the dropdown menu.

Add the brand to several products in the catalog at once

  • To add a Brand to several products at once, open Catalog > Products in the admin. Tick the checkboxes in front of the products you want to add to one Brand. Then click on the arrow next to the number of "Selected Products" above the products and select Set Brand from the drop-down menu. 

Frequently asked Questions

1. Brands are doubled for some reason

  • If you use some kind of inventory program and the Brands are imported from the program to the shop, then you have probably added the same brands on the Shoproller admin as well. 

2. Why is the brand not visible in the shop?

  • Check if the Brand has been added to any products. If the brand is not associated with any products, the given brand will not be displayed in the shop

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