How to create product categories?

Here you can find instructions on how to create product categories(groups) and subcategories for your shop. There categories can appear in the main menu in the header or in the sidebar menu.

1. Add a new product group

  • Login to the shop admin and from the menu select Catalog, from the options below select Product categories
  • To add a new product category to your shop click on +New product group

2. Add name and other settings to your product category.

  • On the product category card, enter the necessary data for the new category. 
  • Add a name, picture and description. Don't forget to Save!


Subgroups or subcategories will be displayed under the maincategories in the main menu. 

1. Create a new product group

  • Start by creating a new category. 
  • Select Catalog again and then Product groups. Now choose +New Product Group again

2. Convert your category into a subcategory

  • This will become your subcategory.  Name your new subcategory
  • Then select Open the Navigation section and  choose the Main group for the new subcategory, from the selection of your previously created Product categories. The Main group under which the given subgroup must belong to! Save! 

Frequently asked Questions

1, I deleted the products from the product group, but can they still be found in the e-store?

  • Deleting products from the product group does not delete  products from the webshop or shopview, and the products are still active and can be found in the shop. In order for the product 
    to disappear from the shop view, you should deactivate or delete the product itsself. 

2. When adding product groups, is there a numerical limit on how many product groups can be made?

  • No, there are no limitations when creating product groups in ShopRoller. You can make as many product groups as necessary.

3. I made a price list for the product groups, but the discount has not been applied in the e-store.

  • Check that you have also added the discount to the subgroups of the main group, the discount applied only to the main group is not automatically applied to the subgroups. 

4. I have changed the order (location) of the product groups in the main menu, but the change does not take effect in the webshop and the old product group tree appears again. 

  • If you have your webshop integrated with some other business software from which product information is imported, including product groups or categories, then you should change the order of your product groups in the business software from which product information is imported into the shop. Because the changes for the product groups made in the shop is overwritten by the other software and restored again according to the other software. 

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