Adding a domain name to your shop

You do not need a domain name when you first register for a shop. Once you sign up with ShopRoller, you will be given a shop address by the system. But before you publish your shop, adding a proper domain name to your shop is highly recommended.

Redirect your domain to ShopRoller's IP address

  • If you already have a registered domain for your shop, then you would need to redirect your domain to ShopRoller's IP:
  • If you do not have a domain name yet, you can buy your domain from a domain registration service.
  • After you have redirected your domain to ShopRoller IP address, please notify us also via e-mail: In the e-mail please add the current name of your shop or website address and also the domain name, that you redirected. We can then connect the domain with your shop.

Where to buy a domain?

  • A few most common domain hosting services you can try are: Hostinger and GoDaddy
  • They both also have e-mail hosting service available, which we also recommend using.
  • If you are in Estonia you can buy a domain and e-mail hosting via or

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