Use banner slider on the front page

To add advertising banners and information to the front page, you can use the front page Slider for that. Inform your customers about new products, free shipping or other good offers. By clicking on the banner, the customer can be directed to the desired page. See below for instructions on how to set that up, using the slider!

🟠In order to add sliders to the front page, it is necessary to know the correct dimensions of the slider of the selected design. See the correct dimensions FROM HERE

1.  Open shop view

  • Once you have logged in to your shop, open the shop veiw, by clicking on the Shop button on the black bar. 
  • To add a banner, click on the cogwheel of the Slider, to add banners.

2. Add banners to your slider

  • In the window that opens, click on the  Add slides (Lisa slaide) button in the upper right to add banners
  • In the box below the added banners, you can add a hyperlink to the banner, where the customer will be redirected, once they click on the image.

4. Choose a suitable image from the file manager

  • After clicking Add slides, the file manager opens, where you can choose an image, you want to add as a banner in the slider. 
  • If the image is not in the File manager, upload your image from your computer.

5. Save

  • After making changes or additions, don't forget to Save!

6. The slider is all set

online store design - in the shoproller environment


1. Why doesn't the file manager window open?

  • Check that the browser you are using does not have pop-up's blocked or disabled If so, unblock or enable it. 

2. What size should the banners in Slider be?

  • Since slider sizes differ according to the design, the recommended dimensions are different for each design. See the recommended dimensions HERE

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