Add Banners

Adding sliders form part of your journey in your storefront customization. 

Check out our Storefront Customisation articles by clicking this link.

Here's what to do. 


1. Prepare your banner images 

Find free stock images from sites like Pexels. 

You will need to know what slider dimensions are suitable for your front page. Click HERE to see the right dimensions. 


2. Open your storefront view

In your ShopRoller account, click the top-menu option SHOP to open your storefront view.

You will see cogwheels throughout the page, which contain display settings. 


3. Open the Banner Display Settings

A cogwheel at the top of your storefront will be for the banner (also referred to as as "slider").  

 Click the cogwheel to reveal and edit the settings.

NB! Different themes may have the cogwheels in different locations, but generally comprise the first block. 


4. Add Banners


4.1 Add banner images 

Click on LISA SLAIDE (add slides) in the top right corner: 

Select the image you would like to use as a banner. 

If the image has not been added to the File Manager, then proceed in the same manner as with adding images to products.


4.2 Hyperlink the banner 

If you would like to direct site visitors somewhere using the banner, hyperlink the banner. 

You can do so by adding the relevant URL into the URL field as shown: 


5. Save!

You have now added sliders to your online store :)