Create an Account with ShopRoller

So you think you are ready to start selling online?
This help article will guide you through how to create an account with ShopRoller! 

1. Go to

Visit and click the START button in the middle of ShopRoller's home page.
This will open a new page to set up a ShopRoller account. 


2. Complete the registration form

Complete the empty fields; required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). 

You can add any comments or questions to the field "Additional Information".

NB! If you have been referred to ShopRoller, please provide the name or details of the referrer within the "additional information" field. 

Click on the SUBMIT button under the page to progress to the next page.

Complete the empty fields on the next page, relating to your company and activities. 

Then, click on ACTIVATE ESTORE and there you have it! You have just created an account for a new online store :)


3. Get your username and password 

After you register with ShopRoller, you will receive an automatic email notification about your registration. 

The email will contain the public web address of your new online store and login credentials. 

Follow the hyperlink within the email to open the login window. 

TIP: You may want to bookmark the login page for easier access! 


4. Log into your administration interface 

To log in to your online store, click on the button at the bottom of the email LOG IN.

Pro Tip: Create a shortcut on your desktop/ laptop to quickly access your eStore login page. Watch out YouTube video to see how! 

To log in to the store, enter your username and password to the fields in the middle of the login page. Then click on LOG IN.

After logging in, it is time to start  setting up your online store!



What if I have forgotten my password?
No problem! Check out our Forgotten Password article to learn what to do :) 

Where is the login button?
We don't have a log in button on our website at the moment, but it is in our roadmap to do! In the meanwhile, we suggest that you:

  • Save the email which contains the login link
  • Bookmark the login page on your browser
  • Create a shortcut on your desktop/ laptop/ smart phone

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