Choosing a design for the shop

1. Open Designs in the admin

  • To choose a design, go to admin and select Settings and under that select Design.
  • There is a selection of 14 free designs to choose from

2. Activate your design

  • Activate the selected design. To do this, click Activate on the selected design
  • The selection of designs is being constantly updated. 

3. Customize and change the selected design

  • By clicking Customize on the top black bar, a selection of customizing options open up on the left side
  • Design options vary from design to design!
  • Change the background on different elements. Change the font and color of the text. Change link and menu colors and price colors and so much more more. See how to change the webshop's background image and color HERE

4. Changing the design using CSS code

  • If you have more advanced skills, you can also write CSS code to change the design.
  • You can find the location to write CSS under Settings > Design > CSS

Need more options?

You can also take a look at for some additional design choices. These are paid designs and are not integrated with ShopRoller platform. That means in addition to the design price itself, integration price will also apply. Starting from €2,600+VAT. 

However, if you have your own design or idea and want to have a designer do the designing, please also contact our customer support: Phone: +372 687 1400

5. See what size front page banners fit into the slider of the selected design.

  • You can find a guide to the dimensions of the sliders HERE

👉 How to proceed?

  • Next, put a name and logo for shop. See HERE for instructions.

Frequently asked Questions

1. I would like a tailor-made design for the webshop, what should I do?

  • Contact us at +372 687 1400 or info@shoproller and let us know your wish. ShopRoller has designers who can help with that :)

2. Where can I see different paid designs?

3. If the contents of the shop (products, banners, pages, etc.) have already been entered, will they remain if I change the design?

  • Yes, when changing the design, the content and settings of the store are not affected. In other words, all the content and settings of the webshop will remain, except for the design of the store.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us