Buy one, get one free

" Buy one, get one free", "Buy one, get one", "two for the price of one", "two for one" or "2 for 1" is a common form of sales promotion. 

While not often presented to customers in acronym form, this marketing technique is universally known in the marketing industry by the acronyms  BOGOBOGOF, and BOGOHO (Buy one get one half off).

You can use this sales promotion tactic with ShopRoller, too. 

How do we set up BOGO sales for your store? At the moment, we use special URL's which can be linked to banner images. 

This article will guide you through the steps to set this up.


1. Create a promotional coupon

Check out our article here, about how to create a coupon. NB! Don't forget to enable coupons too.

After completing the basic steps of setting up the coupon, you can play around with configurations like this: 

Set Conditions:

  1. Select “Purchases a particular product”
  2. Identify the product code through product selection

Set Discounts:

  1. Select “Specific product discount”
  2. Set discount as 100%
  3. Select the product code you wish to give away for free


The settings illustrated above translate to

IF a customer adds to cart X product (code xxxx) and Y product (code xxxx) 
THEN the customer will receive 100% off X product.  


2. Create the special URL 

Here's the "template"; the special URL portion to be used looks like this:



Let's break down what the individual URL sections mean and do:

URL section What to do
... Change this.

The "..." at the beginning marks the domain of your store. 
So the full URL might look like:
/add-to-cart?                                              Do not change. 

This is the command which adds products and directs visitors to the shopping cart page. 
use_id=1 Do not change.

This is the command to use product ID's as reference. 
article_id Change this. 

Replace this text with your desired product's ID number. 
Ie. Change the text “article_id” to the product ID (such as “165”)   

NB! When adding an "article_id", the default quantity added to cart is 1 (product). 
=qty Optional to use. 

Use this function to change the quantity (of a given product) added to cart. 

IF you would like to have a larger quantity of the same product added to cart, then change the text "qty" to the number of products which should be added to cart.  

Do NOT change or remove the "=" sign when using this, because the "=" is the command. 

Example: ProductA=2 would command that 2 of product A is added to cart.   
& Do not change. 

This is used to add more commands, like to add more products or to add a coupon code.
coupon= Do not change. (Unless you do not want to use a coupon.)

This is the command to use a coupon code with the products. 
If undesired, this section can be removed/ deleted. 

Change this. (Unless you do not want to use a coupon.)

Replace the text "couponcode" with the code serial you have created within ShopRoller, eg "FEE234B8C6CC". If undesired, this section can be removed/ deleted. 

The steps below will go through the URL creation step by step. 
NB! We recommend you have a document / notepad open to edit the URL.  

2.1 Add the product codes 

Let's say you have 3 products you would like to bundle for your customers in a sales promotion:

  • Product A 
  • Product B
  • Product C

You will need to get the "article ID" (or "product ID") for each one. 

The "article ID" can be found by opening the product page in ShopRoller.

Click CATALOG and open PRODUCTS, or use the SEARCH function to find your products.

Once opened, find the article ID just after the name of your product: 

NB! You can also find the ID from your product page URL, although you shouldn't need worry about this:

Copy the ID number. The "ID:" part is not required - just the number. 

Go to your special URL and replace text written "article_id" with the copied article ID number.

For example, let's say Product A = ID 123. 

Before:    .../add-to-cart?use_id=1&article_id

After:    .../add-to-cart?use_id=1&123 

Do this for each product, using the "&" symbol to add more products.  

To continue the example above:

  • Product A = ID 123
  • Product B = ID 345
  • Product C = ID 678 

What the URL would look like so far:    .../add-to-cart?use_id=1&123&456&789


2.2 Set the quantities

Would you like 1 of each product to be added to cart - or more? 

If 1 of each product is desired, move ahead to Step 2.3. 

If you would like to add more of the same product to cart, the quantity should be added behind the "article ID". 

This is accomplished by adding "=qty" behind the article ID, replacing the text "qty" with the number desired.

For instance:

  • Product A = ID 123. Goal: 1x Product A should be added to cart.
  • Product B = ID 345. Goal: 2x Product B should be added to cart. 
  • Product C = ID 678. Goal: 5x Product C should be added to cart.

What the URL would look like so far:    .../add-to-cart?use_id=1&123&456=2&789=5

Note: after Product A (ID 123), "=1" was NOT added, because the default quantity added is 1. 

However, the "=qty" function was added for Product's B and C, to indicate quantities "2" and "5"  respectively, to be added to cart. 


2.3 Add the coupon code

To apply a special discount to your bundle of products, you will need to add a coupon to the mix. 

The command to use your coupon is: "&coupon=" (ie. "and the coupon to be applied is this one...")

This command is to be added after the last "article ID".

What the URL would look like so far:  .../add-to-cart?use_id=1&123&456=2&789=5&coupon= 

If you haven't already created a coupon, do so now.  Check out our article here, about how to create a coupon.

In creating your coupon, you will have to set the coupon CODE SERIAL: 

In this example image, the coupon code serial is " B1G1F0818" ("Buy 1 Get 1 Free August 2018"). 

Copy this Code Serial to paste into your special URL.

Before: .../add-to-cart?use_id=1&123&456=2&789=5&coupon=couponcode

After:  .../add-to-cart?use_id=1&123&456=2&789=5&coupon=B1G1F082018 


2.4 Complete the special URL 

To make this special URL apply to YOUR store, add your domain (your website URL) to the beginning of the link, replacing the "..." part. 

For example, let's say your domain is:

What the URL will look like (NB! This link is only a sample):

And you're done! 


3. Create a banner

Check out this help article about Adding Banners.

(1) Get your picture, (2) create the banner, and (3) use the special link we just created as the link address in the banner. 



4. Test and finished! 

Test out your new sales promotion banner! 

Open up your storefront from your customer's point of view to see how it all looks and works (in their eyes). 

To do so: you can open a window in incognito mode and use your store preview link:  

(Right-click your internet browser icon to open the menu, and select NEW INCOGNITO WINDOW).

Now you can see your store in the eyes of your customers. 


Enjoy getting those extra sales! 

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